Week of September 11th – CSA Newsletter

The weeks keep rolling by as we get closer to the impending end of the season. The mornings are much cooler and darker when I start my day and I’m afraid that I’ll be adding more and more layers sooner than later. But the optimist in me is ever hopeful that we will have a resurgence of warm dry days. As Autumn quickly approaches, we shift gears a little to start to get ahead. With the uncertainty of the weather, we want to stay on top of getting crops out of the ground. Last week we got a jump on getting a chunk of our potatoes and carrots out of the ground. Most of our potatoes have died back (their tops of turned brown and are starting to wilt) and because they are planted near our tomatoes that have late blight, it’s hard to tell if they are diseased or not.

Harvesting taters!

So, to play it safe, we will start to get them out of the ground. We were still harvesting new potatoes and I will keep you posted when it’s okay to not keep them in the fridge. We finished harvesting a bed of carrots, as well. One down, eight more to go. As I mentioned last week, we should have carrots for the remainder of the season. I think we harvested more pounds off of this one bed and the small amount we planted in the spring than we have in our previous 3 seasons!

Another important job that was accomplished last week was to transplant kale in an area that will eventually be covered by one of our hoophouses. If you didn’t know, two of our hoophouses are movable. Having mobile tunnels is crucial for us to really be able to push our summer crops but also have an area to plant for the winter months. Planting cold hardy greens in those areas at this time of the year gives them the opportunity to establish themselves prior to the days really getting shorter.

Newly transplanted kale

This allows us to have more than just root crops available in the winter. In the coming weeks, we will finish planting these areas with other cold hardy greens.

On to this week’s  CSA share! As I mentioned earlier, there will be new potatoes. One of my favorite varieties will be in the bin. It’s yellow-skinned and has little purple splotches. I think it makes some of the best roasted taters. Also part of the choice will be carrots, beets, baby fennel, eggplant, tomatillos, lettuce mix, rainbow chard, tat soi (with a very small amount of bok choi mixed in some bags), heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes. The cherries and beefsteaks have really bumped in production. There is also enough of sweet bell and sweet fryer peppers for them to be separated. The first planting of beans have really slowed down but there will be some this week. Not sure if our second planting will be ready by next week but I’ll keep you posted. There will also be garlic and most likely the last of the garlic scapes and the return of dandelion greens, parsley and sorrel.

Over the weekend, my wife made a great dish of sausage and peppers with a roasted heirloom sauce (see last week’s newsletter). The sweet bells and fryers were amazing in this meal. Get a great fresh bread and you might just go through a loaf sopping up the sauce.

Next week will be the return of kohlrabi!

Have a great week!!


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