Week of October 1st – CSA Newsletter

Well, folks, we are now entering the home stretch of the CSA season now that October is upon us. The leaves are beginning to change and the weather outside feels like fall. A friend and I were talking about how if we were getting the current temps in April, we would be rejoicing. But now, its layers of clothes and the hope of a few more warm days. The weekend was a beautiful one, though. My family and I went on a little fall adventure on Saturday to do some pumpkin picking. We found a small family farm in Tully selling u-pick pumpkins, wagon rides, a fairy village and a barrel train ride for the kids. So, if you’re looking for a great time with your family, I recommend heading up to Tully and visiting Kowbell Farm. They even have pasture raised chicken for sale. If you head out to visit them, tell them that Farmer Todd sent you.

The past week on the farm was a little wet but we continued with our fall harvest and weeding projects. Today, we had Chef Amanda and students in Culi 101 out to the farm for a visit. It was great to connect with students who are concentrating on the preparation side of things with how the TC3 Farm operates and what goes in to producing all of our food. After our tour, the Culinary students joined the farming students in helping to liberate next year’s strawberries from the weeds they’ve been hiding under.

As the season begins to wind down, we are holding onto summer as much as we can. The tomatoes are slowing down significantly but there will still be cherry, beefsteaks and heirlooms in this week’s CSA share, as well as sweet peppers and hot peppers. There will also be green peppers this week. For greens, there will be head lettuce and kale to choose from. In the root crop world, there will be potatoes, beets and the return of carrots. We ended up harvesting some of the fall carrots and they are a little small but the beds they were planted in needed to start to be harvested. There will be herb bunches to choose from and garlic is back in the share this week. Fennel will also be making a return this week. A very fall recipe with fennel is to roast them with beets and carrots (and even potatoes). I was hoping that there would be enough eggplant for one more distribution but it wasn’t meant to be. I harvested what there was and they will be in the extras bin.

Have a great week!

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