Planting Vegetable Crops on the TC3 Farm

Spring on the TC3 Farm: Planting Vegetable Crops – Student Post by Steve

planting potatoes by handThere has been a ton of planting happening on the TC3 Farm in the last few weeks and there is a lot more to be done. The one big hoop house is completely full of heirloom tomato plants that are looking wonderful and we even have another hoop house being filled with peppers which we are letting grow for longer to get all sorts of colored peppers, not just green. All of our transplants that we worked so hard on in the early spring are ready for planting in the field and all the students have been planting and cultivating the last few weeks. Our CSA program starts on June 14th and you’re really going to miss out on some awesome produce if you haven’t signed up yet. We have been transplanting pretty much every day for the last week or so and we really went to it on the potatoes this last week. Eleven different kinds were planted in 25 different rows. That’s over 1400 taters that

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Strawberry Production on the TC3 Farm

Strawberry Production – This Week on the TC3 Farm – Student Post by Indigo

Strawberry ProductionFor me, nothing brings back Summer memories quite like fresh, sweet strawberries. Strawberries remind me of that sweet spot in the early Summer where nature is buzzing with vibrancy and warm nights go on seemingly endlessly. Before the strawberry eating beings, some work in the field needs to be done!

Last Fall we transplanted the strawberry plants into their beds and covered them to protect against the cold during the Winter months to come. Now as we enter late Spring, we go out to the field to uncover the plants. I’m happy to find that they survived and are well on their way to producing juicy fruits in the near Summer season. Last semester in the Fall, after planting, we trimmed back the extending vines, or runners, that extend from the “mother plant”, and produce new growth which eventually becomes established in the Earth. Some farms, like the one here at TC3, prefer cutting off these runner plants, as they take up more energy to grow. When runners are cut, the mother plant can focus its energy on producing berries, making them bigger and tastier, rather than making baby plants. Our farm is specifically looking to focus on the quality, not quantity of our strawberries.

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Starting Seeds and Direct Seeding at the TC3 Farm

While the weather outside may still be brisk, Spring has emphatically arrived at the TC3 Farm. We are excited to be starting our first full growing season with greenhouse seedlings and hoophouse crop production. Our students have been keeping busy seeding and planting, and we now have production started in all of our houses. This photo essay will give you an idea of what we have been up to, and for those of you that are CSA members, a preview of what you can expect in the first few pickups this year.

Starting Seeds in the Greenhouse

The greenhouse at the TC3 Farm has 6 benches – each 12 feet x 6 feet. The benches are strung with thin rubber tubing that runs heated water under the plants, providing seeds with a little bit of warmth to get them started. Above you can see 10 flats of onion seeds sitting on one of these benches.

In the past couple of weeks Sustainable Farming and Food Systems students have helped us plant over 5500 seedlings of onions, leeks, basil, parsley, and cumin  into plug trays.

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TC3 Farm CSA Newsletter – Week of 11/9/15

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TC3 Farm CSA Newsletter – Week of 10/26/15

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