Week of October 10th – CSA Newsletter

Those Leaves, they are a changing! I truly love living in the Northeast and getting the chance to experience all the seasons. Working outside just about every day of the year gives you a great appreciation for all of Nature’s beauty and fall is always my favorite. Watching this hillsides change from afar is an amazing sight.

The farm is still busy with lots of activity. The harvest keeps coming in and preparing for the winter months and next season continues. Last week we began renovating the strawberries.

Strawberries - pre renovation
Strawberries – pre renovation

That entails removing all the “runners” or side shoots off the plants and just leaving the “mothers”, which are the main plants where we get the fruit from. Before the plants go into a dormant state for the winter, we’ll mow them down and fertilize them. Something that we experimented last year was to save some of the runners and put them in pots and keep them in the greenhouse for the winter. Come springtime we replanted them out in gaps in our beds. This year we are going to save a lot more to hopefully plant a whole new bed and have some plants for sale. We also planted one of our hoophouse areas with winter greens to have available for our farm stand and restaurants. In the coming weeks, we’ll plant the other hoophouse and greenhouse so we can produce food year round.

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Week of October 3rd – CSA Newsletter

Greetings folks,

So, what exactly happened to September? I swear it was just Labor Day. But here we are at the beginning of October. The season is moving right along as the impending cold weather seems to be approaching quickly. Even with the harvest continuing to come in, we are still progressing with getting the farm ready for the winter months. Our early cover crop of peas and oats is beautifully established.

Oats and peas cover crop in October
Oats and peas cover crop in October

I’m really looking forward to the benefits of this green manure. This past week, we continued to prepare the ground where next year’s garlic is going to be planted and got more cover crops in. This time we planted a deep-rooted tillage radish that will help to aerate the soil and add nitrogen. The hoophouse areas are ready for their winter plantings, which will happen in the next week or so. Having the hoophouses planted in the winter will allow us to continue our farm stand later in the season and have some produce to sell to Coltivare and other area restaurants.

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Week of September 19th – CSA Newsletter

Greetings! We may be on the cusp of the official start of fall but we sure are enjoying these warm days on the farm. The veggies are loving them, too! Again, we are holding on to the hope that it’ll stay warm enough, long enough for most of our crops to reach maturity. Even with … Read more

Week of September 5th – CSA Newsletter

Howdy folks! Welcome to September! I hope you are all enjoying your Labor Day weekend and for my TC3 colleagues, you survived the first week of the semester relatively unscathed! I decided to only labor for part of the day today, so you will hopefully be reading this at a reasonable time :). Last week … Read more

Week of August 29th – CSA Newsletter

Howdy folks! So, here we are, the start of the fall semester. We’re about halfway through the CSA season and that means the Fall Only shares begin this week. Welcome to all who will begin their pickups. I hope you’ve had an enjoyable summer. You’ve had the chance to follow all the farm happenings and … Read more

Week of August 22nd – CSA Newsletter

Howdy Folks! My apologies for last week’s newsletter snafu. Technology just didn’t want to cooperate. Things have been fairly quiet on the farm for the last couple of weeks. Literally. Without the students around and their always very interesting topics of discussion, it’s been a time to recharge for the new semester. Work on the … Read more