Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact Todd McLane at TM1@tompkinscortland.edu if you have a question that isn’t listed.

How big is a share?

  • The TC3 Farm offers two share sizes, a regular share and a deluxe share. The regular share is geared to individuals, smaller households, or folks that eat out multiple nights a week. The deluxe share is geared to “veggie lovers,” larger households or folks who are committed to cooking at home.

How does the sliding scale work?

  • It’s important to us that high quality produce is available to all. We set the share price and then come up with a scale to try to meet everyone’s needs. The members who pay on the high-end of the scale help to subsidize the members who pay on the low-end of the scale. No documentation is needed to determine where to pay on the scale. It’s what you are comfortable with. Payment plans are available. Student share prices are the low end of each sliding scale. There are a limited number of scholarships available to eligible Tompkins Cortland Community College students to help offset the cost of the share.

Where do I pick up my share?

  • CSA pickups take place in the barn at the TC3 Farm located at 100 Cortland Rd. in Dryden on Tuesdays from 3-6 p.m. We are located about 1/2 mile north of Tompkins Cortland Community College’s main entrance on the right. Look for the TC3 Farm sign across the street from Creative Touch Salon.

How does the pickup work?

  • The TC3 Farm uses a “free-choice” model for pickups. Dependent on what’s available to harvest, the farm determines the number of items available to each share size (Regular or Deluxe) and each shareholder is able to choose what they would like for that week. Due to availability, some items may be limited to ensure that all shareholders are able to receive that item. We also set the volume/amount for each item. For example, some weeks there may be a choice of 1 bag of lettuce, 1 pint of roots, 4 summer squash, 1 box of cherry tomatoesIn this example, if there are no limits, and you wanted 2 bags of lettuce, that would count as 2 items.

What’s in my share each week?

  • This is a tough question to answer. Joining a CSA is a literal share of the harvestThere are many factors that can affect what is available each week, the three biggest being weather, disease, and pest pressure. The season usually starts off slowly and picks up as the season progresses. Each week, Farmer Todd will send out a newsletter with an idea of what’ll be in the share that week, farm happenings and a recipe or two. To have an idea of what we grow and when it’ll be available, check out our What We Grow page.

What if I’m going to be out of town, can’t make it to pick up or forget to pickup my share?

  • If you know that you are going to be out of town or can’t make a certain pick up day, you can always have a friend or family member pick up your share. If you can’t make it before 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, the barn will still be open until about 8 p.m. but be unstaffed. If you completely forget about your share on Tuesday, we will have still have the share setup until about 5 p.m. on Wednesdays. Forgotten shares will be donated.
  • The farm also has a flex-week option. With this option, if you let Farmer Todd know ahead of time that you can’t make a pick up, there will be an extra pick up at the end of the season. 

Will bags be provided for me at pickup?

  • Each share will be provided with one reusable tote bag. Additional tote bags will be available for purchase. We will also have plastic bags available at pick up, but it is preferred if you brought your own.

I’m splitting my share with someone else, how does that work?

  • If you are splitting your share, the easiest thing to do is for both of you to come to the pick up together and decide how you want to divide it. There are times when items in the share aren’t easily divided (i.e. one watermelon) and the farm can’t keep track of who has taken what. We realize that it is sometimes hard for folks to come at the same time. If you cannot make it together, we ask that you either take the full share and divide it later, or communicate with you share partner, so that they know exactly what you took. 

Are you Certified Organic?

  • The TC3 Farm is currently not Certified Organic, but all of our farming practices adhere to USDA and NOP Organic Standards. We don’t use any synthetic/chemical pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers. We rely on crop rotations, cover crops, compost and variety selection to maintain soil health and limit disease and pest pressure. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.