Seeds of Change Grant – Vote for TC3 Garden Now

Vote now for a Seeds of Change grant to transform the courtyard area in the by the dining hall in the Main Building at TC3 into a food garden

dcc823b1-3bca-4f31-94ef-a659f5e9ea74As part of the Sustainable Farming and Food Systems Program, our students are asked to do a capstone project. You can see past capstone projects here. This semester, three students have elected to work together to start a Garden Club on campus, and to work on transforming the courtyard areas in the main building into places for growing food. Our students are working with the Campus Nutrition and Wellness Council to come up with a design for these areas, to clean them up, and to develop them as a space to grow food for the campus community and the Cafeteria.

They have also submitted a grant application to Seeds of Change, an organization that funds a number of community garden projects across the country.

We are asking you to Vote for Their Proposal on the Seeds of Change Website at You may vote as often as once per day until voting ends on April 18th. Voting is very easy. Just go to the site using the link above and vote for the TC3 Courtyard Garden Project. You will simply be asked to confirm that you are not a robot. You can learn more about the proposal and the grant by clicking “read more” below.

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