TC3 Sustainable Farming Student Perspectives – Maria

This is the first in our series of posts on the TC3 Sustainable Farming and Food Systems Program from the students perspective. Current TC3 Sustainable Farming students were asked to write a reflection on their first semester in the program as a class assignment, and these are the results. Hope you enjoy hearing from our students.

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TC3 Sustainable Farming Student Perspectives - Maria

TC3 Sustainable Farming Student Perspectives I – Maria

This semester has been a whirlwind experience of learning at the TC3 Farm!  As background, I was raised on an organic dairy farm in Cortland County, but my Dad always said the barn was “not a safe place for girls,” even though my Aunt was one of his partners; I guess she didn’t count. Suffice it to say, I never really worked on the farm I grew up on, only enjoyed their raw milk and the beef from the cows sent to slaughter.

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