TC3 Farm CSA Newsletter – Week of 10/19/15

Howdy folks, So, I bet you all can guess what I’m going to write about this week. But before I get to sharing my feelings on the wonderful, albeit drastic weather change we had this week, I wanted to give some updates on some of the lingering farm construction type projects. Ok, first up is … Read more

TC3 Farm CSA Newsletter – Week of 9/28/15

Howdy folks, Well, we had another stellar week of weather capped off with an amazing super/blood moon lunar eclipse, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. It was a pretty awesome thing to see unfold and I wish I was able to grab a picture or two, but the Iphone has its limits. What … Read more

TC3 Farm CSA Newsletter – Week of 9/21/15

Howdy folks, I hope that you all are well and are enjoying the wonderful weather that we are having. As we progress towards the end of the farm season, I’m going to focus on all the positives about the weather because in the grand scheme of things it’s been a pretty decent season weather wise. … Read more