TC3 Farm CSA – Week of 8/24/15 Newsletter

Howdy folks,

Greenhouse sunrise

I hope you all had a great week and for my TC3 folks, taking deep breaths as you prepare for the new semester. You’ve probably noticed that this week’s newsletter/blog post is on a new site. We wanted to upgrade from Tumblr to better capture what is happening at the Farm and with the Sustainable Farming and Food Systems degree. Even though we have our Facebook page, we feel that the new website will be a welcomed addition to the farm. A big thank you goes out to Bob, Bryan and Jennica for helping to get it off the ground. It’s a work in progress, so be sure to keep visiting the site.

So, where did the month of August go? I can’t believe that the new semester starts in less than 2 days. We are really excited for the start of this semester. There are students who are about to embark on their last farming course (which is a Capstone project) and Food Systems Seminar and students who are about to begin their journey with us. I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of our new students today and their enthusiasm has me pumped for the semester. As I was prepping some of the veggies for tomorrow’s CSA, it really got me thinking about how far we have come in the past year. Last year at this time, the barn was literally a shell of what it is today.

TC3 Farm to Bistro photos taken by Ed Dittenhoefer-All Rights Reserved
TC3 Farm to Bistro photos taken by Ed Dittenhoefer-All Rights Reserved

I had to have an area mowed behind the barn so we could bring our students and share with them our vision. Now we have a greenhouse and 3 hoophouses filled with vegetables in that same area. Our fenced in vegetable field that I planted mostly by myself has more than tripled in the amount planted due to the hard work of our first cohort of students. It is now getting ready to be harvested by our second cohort of students. All of this puts a smile on my face!

Ok, enough nostalgia, let’s get on to this week’s share. We have got a few new items this week. There will be bush beans, eggplant and parsley to go along with the rainbow chard, lettuce mix, sweet onions, zucchini/summer squash, basil, cucumbers and a whole lotta beautiful tomatoes. beans toms824 organic produce

It looks like some new potatoes are on the horizon for next week.

I don’t know if folks are looking for new ways to munch down your tomatoes but this past weekend we took our tomato eating to another level. The grill was fired (it has been perfect grilling weather, by the way) with lots of yummies. The last thing that I put on were beefsteak tomatoes sliced in half. Each half had a dollop of fresh pesto (There’s still lots of basil available for u-pick!!)  spread on top. I left them uncovered for about 3 minutes and then covered them for about 2. Now, I’m a wood briquettes kind of guy when it comes to grilling, so your timing may be a little different depending on your preferred method. But either way, they were ammmaazzzing!! Bon appetite!


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  1. I’m glad you’re busy. I know you’re a member of SustNE, you can go to the UFG and see a list of all our mebmers. It would be good to have someone speak to this Challenge project that you’re promoting. I’ll be speaking about our Sodbuster’s program, helping people remove sod and jump-start the installation of garden beds, after all, any planting other than lawn is an improvement.Personally, I’ve always loved February, but maybe that’s just because I’m a Pisces, but it also has something to do with the false-Spring that often occurs this month, and are enjoying now. It was 58 F here in my garden!

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