TC3 Farm CSA Newsletter – Week of 8/31/15

tc3 farm csa - moon shotWell, we’ve made it to the start of another semester here on the farm. We only had one class last week with our newest cohort of Sustainable Farming and Food Systems students but it really got me excited about working with them over the next few semesters as they start their journey here at TC3 and the farm. They seem very eager to be a part of this program and thirsty for knowledge. (I hope that I can say that as the semester continues) I know I mentioned it last week, but these students already have more opportunities here at the farm than our first cohort. A main reason for that is from all the hard work that our students put into their 6 credit class they took this Summer.

Speaking of our first cohort, we met with them today for the first time in their Capstone class. It was nice to see everyone back and I’m overjoyed that this group can see the finish line to completing their degree. They have some very interesting ideas for projects that they will be working on this semester. Some of which will be shared on this website.

I think that I appreciate every season on the farm, but this time of the year is my absolute favorite. The bounty of vegetables never ceases to amaze me. And although some of our crops didn’t fare so well this year due to some early weather, the amount of food and its quality is a far cry from where it was last year. That puts a smile on my face. Not only do we get to share our harvest with our wonderful CSA members but we also are beginning to sell our product elsewhere. In addition to Coltivare, our veggies can be found at Bandwagon Brewpub and Just A Taste. And that’s not all!! You can also find our vegetables on TC3’s campus. We have begun to sell to the Dining Hall and we started a farm stand. We had a very successful first farm stand and we appreciate all the support and look forward to the continued support. So, CSA members, tell your friends who didn’t join to come on down to the farm stand on Wednesdays from 1-3ish outside the TC3’s main entrance.

Alrighty then, onto this week’s CSA share. So, we are swimming in tomatoes right now. The beefsteaks are rocking, the cherries are rolling and the heirlooms look like they are on the verge of turning it up to 11! There will also be more rainbow chard, lettuce mix, the return of cabbage, sweet onions, basil, beans, zukes/summer squash and cukes (our first planting is just about done, so there won’t be a lot this week) and some beautiful new potatoes. If you aren’t familiar with new potatoes, they sure are a treat. They are harvested before the potato plant has died and their skin hasn’t “set”. This means that they are super tender and yummy and should be kept in your fridge. tc3 farm csa - new potatoes We were hoping to keep our taters in the ground longer but since we have late blight in our tomatoes, it’s only a matter of time before the potatoes are hit. One of my favorite dishes of all time is roasted new potatoes. Now, I know we have some grill aficionados besides myself out there, so this one’s for you. Combine a couple tablespoons of olive oil, some salt and pepper and some minced rosemary in a bowl. Add your quartered potatoes and coat them evenly.  You’ll want to put these on direct medium heat for about 15 minutes. Keep covered as much as you can and flip them every 5 minutes or so. Take them off when they are browned on all sides and enjoy!!

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