TC3 Farming Students Perspectives – Hailey

This is the third post in a series exploring TC3 Farming students perspectives. Students currently enrolled in the Sustainable Farming and Food Systems Program at TC3 were asked to write a reflection on their first semester in the program as a class assignment. Here is what they said.

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TC3 Sustainable Farming Student Perspectives – Hailey

This last semester at TC3 as part of the Farm to table/Sustainable Agriculture program has been, I believe, my greatest academic experience thus far. I have learned more in this last semester than I have in any other given year or semester of school. As for background information my name is Hailey and I am from California, I have no background farming but my first experiences gardening started very young and pursued me all of my life. After working on another organic upstate NY farm over the summer I fell in love and decided it was the right path for me. After my first semester in the Farming Program I couldn’t be more excited to begin a career as a farmer in the food system.

This program is so much more than the usual and conventional programs. In this program I got to see first hand what affects plants and how, I learned how magnificently important our soil is and I am continually learning how our food system works. We dive into the importance and the beautiful relationships developed in and of ecosystems and apply that to our everyday thinking as well. And I can’t lie, being outside and feeling the soil, working with and for the plants, taking nature walks, and seeing the satisfying results of hard work is one of the most rewarding feelings I think there is. My favorite thing to do is plant transplants which are just baby plants and their new roots. I love to look and see the bed before it’s planted and after then watch the little plants grow up. I also enjoy harvesting because I get to use all of my senses. I see the fruits and see the bugs and either the damage or perfection of the fruit, I get to feel it and better understand its composition, I get to smell the fresh or sweet scents of fresh produce, and best of all I get to taste it fresh picked right there where it developed its characteristics all while listening to and sometimes participating in the environment around me.

I couldn’t be more excited to continue this program next semester. This program is truly unique and forward thinking. I feel it is really preparing me for either sustainable jobs in the food system or building my own sustainable business someday.

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