TC3 Sustainable Farming Student Perspectives – Indigo

This post continues our series on the perspectives of current students either enrolled in the Sustainable Farming and Food Systems Degree Program at TC3, or taking classes in the program as electives while pursuing a TC3 Degree. We have a great group of students, and hope you enjoy hearing more about what they’ve been doing, and how it is affecting their learning and thinking.

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 TC3 Farm Student Perspectives - Indigo

TC3 Sustainable Farming Student Perspectives – Indigo

The great philosopher Confucious once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”, and I believe there couldn’t be more truth to this statement. Even before high school I worried about pursuing my true passion in life, but I was always unsure. I was unsure what road to take and troubled by the possibility of failing if I did not choose correctly. I knew I loved art and nature, but what fulfilling job could I possibly find out of the two? I gave a shot at photography  after obtaining my first degree but I wasn’t satisfied – I burned for something more. When I stumbled upon the Sustainable Agriculture program at TC3, my mind immediately lit up. While I do love art, I had a feeling that this new program would be right for me. Over the course of just one semester I have found that nothing fills my spirit with more purpose and joy than working with the Earth to create delicious and sustainably grown produce. Like a sponge, I have soaked in the overwhelming amounts of information, but have done so with such excitement I have never felt before.

While I’ve started to learn how to sustain myself and others with food, this program has also enriched me with new ideals and understandings of our current food system. Whether its my seminar classes to simply harvesting beans, I have begun to expand my knowledge on sustainable living values that are applicable in every aspect of life. Farming is teaching me lifelong skills along with lessons about having value in your efforts. I’m now thinking of pursuing a career in equal food opportunities, but I am open to knew ideas I run into along the way. Last year I wasn’t even sure what I would have for breakfast in the morning and now I wake up eager to learn about the symbiotic relationship of mycorhizzae and plant roots on a regular day.

I can’t wait to finish my degree and expand my knowledge as I prepare to obtain a bachelors in sustainable farming. The future can be a daunting concept, however my dedicated for farming far exceeds this trepidation. I’m not exactly sure where this path will take me, but all I know is that while my heart burns with passion, I will be happy as long as I fuel the fire.

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