Edible Rooftop Ithaca: Capstone Project

Capstone Project – Angela: Edible Rooftop, Ithaca

Center Ithaca Rooftop GardenAs a lifelong member of the Ithaca community, I have decided to participate in the sustainable development of our recently remodeled commons area. My contribution is that of an Intensive vegetative green roof design of the Center Ithaca building located in the heart of downtown. Center Ithaca has seen a lot of change in its time and is most recognized for the size and beauty of its Atrium. The plan is to create a proposal that is attractive to the building owner as well as the businesses and residents that occupy the space, by designing a garden that begins on the roof and ends in hanging baskets for people to enjoy inside the building and out, by providing aesthetic beauty, access to fresh foods, and insulation through the winter months.

The most important component of this project was to find a way of installing a green roof as least expensively as possible. Cost is the hurdle that deters those who would have been participants in this movement from doing so. With careful planning and consideration of materials, weight, and accessibility, the lowest price can still be much higher than any. Individual might be able to economically justify, as I learned in this project. However, through donations, grants, and a CSA modeled system, one can find a more reasonable way of managing these finances.

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Mobile Food Pantry on the TC3 Campus

Mobile Food Pantry on the TC3 Campus – Monday February 29, 2016 in D-LOT, 12pm to 1pm

This is free food for anyone who needs it.

There are no forms to complete and you do not have to ‘qualify’ to receive the food. You just need to leave your name and be willing to give us your phone number and age of everyone in your household/res hall room. (This is just for required data reporting for the funding that supports the mobile food truck.)

Bring bags with you and be prepared to refrigerate food – most of it will be dairy or produce items.

We’ll be set up at the parking lot off of Panther Drive (D-lot) – near the Residence Halls. The photo below is what the truck looks like.

Any member of the TC3 community (faculty, staff, or student) is eligible.

Mobile Food Pantry

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Agritourism Conference – Grow Your Farming Business

Agritourism Presents an Opportunity to Grow your Farming Business!

Don’t miss this Conference especially for farmers and rural landowners contemplating opportunities to grow their business by hosting visitors to our area.

Coltivare Logo

  • What?  Growing Agriculture and Tourism Connections. A full day conference to learn about the opportunities, benefits and challenges associated with starting or growing your own agritourism venture.
  • When?  March 8th from 8am – 4pm
  • Where?  Coltivare Restaurant in Ithaca, NY
  • Why?  You’ll hear from farmers and agritourism experts from across the Northeast to gather ideas for diversifying your business.  You’ll walk away with real-life examples, tools and materials to help in weighing agritourism options for your farm or business
  • Who?  You!  We’re inviting farmers, rural landowners and agritourism entrepreneurs from throughout central NY, interested in learning about opportunities for launching and growing customer experiences on the farm.
  • How? 

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Local Event: Celebrate Our Amazing Farming Community

connect to local farmers

Celebrate Our Amazing Farming Community! Panel Presentation & Networking 

Hear about what farmers in our community are doing to practice sustainability and contribute to the social well-being of our community

Wednesday, March 2nd from 6 – 9pm At Greenstar’s The Space (corner of Court & Fulton Streets in Ithaca)

Free & Open to all – light dinner served. Please take a brief minute to register HERE 

Questions? Contact holly@greenstar.coop or (607) 229-2540

Farmers are an integral part of the Tompkins County Landscape and our community, however, what they do and how they do it is sometimes unknown to the people that live here.  Join us to hear local farmers tell their stories and what they are doing to farm sustainably (protecting the soil, water, air) while providing a living for themselves and their employees, marketing locally raised products, and supporting their community.

Re-establish a connection to local farmers ! 

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TC3 Farm Solar Project Now Up and Running

The TC3 Farm solar project is now up and running. This is the last of our many major infrastructure projects over the past couple of years. Sustainability has always been a central part of the farm vision, and the TC3 Farm solar project is another important step in that direction. Below you can see the picture of our arrays behind the barn and greenhouses.

TC3 Farm Solar Project

The TC3 Farm solar project consists of a total of 231 panels on 4 arrays. It sits directly behind the barn, greenhouses and hoophouse at 100 Cortland Rd. in Dryden, NY. The panels provide power to offset energy used in the farmhouse, in the greenhouses, and in the barn. The TC3 Farm solar project is a compliment to the 10 acre, 8,676 solar panel project on Tc3’s main campus, which was completed in 2015. The main campus array is expected to offset over 90% of the institution’s energy needs.

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Long Term Storage Value Added Foods Capstone


Long Term Storage Methods:  The Production of Value-Added Foods

Have you ever had an occasion where you watched your mother or grandmother using long term storage methods to store food from the garden, but never learned how to do it for yourself? 

Puree  Apple Sauce
Puree apple sauce until it is almost smooth

Maybe you already use Long term storage methods for foods and have recipes that were childhood favorites, or were enjoyed by others, and wondered what it would take to make those recipes into a value-added food that could be sold at market?

What is Value-added you ask? Simply it is the process of taking a raw commodity and changing its form to produce a high quality end product.

Food preservation is one of the oldest sciences used by human beings the methods include: drying, smoking, fermentation, pickling, jams and jellies, canning and freezing to name the most common methods. Food preservation has been part of every culture at nearly every stage, and has lent itself to a vast number foods that we consume today.  For many years now, food preservation was becoming a lost art. But do not fret, home food preservation is making a comeback!

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