TC3 Sustainable Farming Student Perspectives – Candice

This is the final entry in our series of TC3 Farming Student Perspectives. Students who took Introduction to Soil Science (ENVS 115) in the Fall of 2015 were asked to write a short piece about their experience, and these are the results.

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TC3 Sustainable Farming Students

TC3 Sustainable Farming Student Perspectives – Candice

When I first started this program it was a complete shot in the dark, I didn’t really know much about farming for food.  I am used to farming hay, corn, soybeans and things.  At first when I didn’t really have an answer as if I liked my program or not.  I kind of just tossed myself into TC3 and was going to go for liberal arts and had thoughts about the farm but also had thoughts about transferring to another college for a Vet Tech.  Looking back now I am glad that I chose to stay with this program at the farm and learn what I learned this semester.

After the first month being on the farm I knew this was my path, this is what I wanted to do.  I wanted to learn where my food comes from, and how it grows from seed to an actual food on my plate.  I was interested in learning more about how the food gets to the grocery store and the Wegmans class trip did that for me.  Being on the farm twice a week with my class-mates really brought me close to them, working with them twice a week is really fun as well.  You get to know them pretty well and you get to be connected with them.  Some of the things that were my favorite things to do on the farm was to plant garlic.  The day we planted garlic it was an all-girls day and we had many laughs and shared many stories while working. I also loved picking the carrots and harvesting the potatoes.

While harvesting some of the foods you look at what you’re harvesting as if it’s gold.  You want the food to look nice and the soil that it grows in draws your attention.  As Taylor said in the beginning of the semester “You’re going to learn to love the soil, it’s a beautiful thing”.  Taylor was right, while harvesting the potatoes I often found myself picking it up and looking at it, the color, the texture, its clumps and all.  While taking a walk into the woods and marking the trees of which ones we were going to be tapping for maple season was another thing that I truly enjoyed.  I have a passion for maple syrup, basically anything that I can make by what’s already here and not having to have to buy it is something that I love.  Going that extra mile and making it your self makes you feel good inside as well.

Even though the semester is over already I can’t wait until the spring semester when we can get back on the farm and back into the greenhouses and in the fields, making maple syrup and producing more vegetables.  I highly recommend taking the farm courses not just for fun but for a learning and life experience.

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