TC3 Farm Solar Project Now Up and Running

The TC3 Farm solar project is now up and running. This is the last of our many major infrastructure projects over the past couple of years. Sustainability has always been a central part of the farm vision, and the TC3 Farm solar project is another important step in that direction. Below you can see the picture of our arrays behind the barn and greenhouses.

TC3 Farm Solar Project

The TC3 Farm solar project consists of a total of 231 panels on 4 arrays. It sits directly behind the barn, greenhouses and hoophouse at 100 Cortland Rd. in Dryden, NY. The panels provide power to offset energy used in the farmhouse, in the greenhouses, and in the barn. The TC3 Farm solar project is a compliment to the 10 acre, 8,676 solar panel project on Tc3’s main campus, which was completed in 2015. The main campus array is expected to offset over 90% of the institution’s energy needs.

TC3 Farm Solar Array and Greenhouses

The TC3 Farm solar project is a 70 Kilowatt system, and should provide more than enough energy to power the farmhouse, the greenhouses, and the barn and classroom. The solar project is also part of a larger sustainability initiative at the TC3 Farm. The overall vision for sustainability includes the use of crop rotation, cover cropping, building soil organic matter and health, composting, sustainable forest management, wildlife conservation, and the protection of water resources. It is also a compliment to the existing geothermal heating and cooling system that was installed as part of the retrofitting of the Farm’s 7000 square foot barn. The geothermal system uses the ambient temperature of the earth to heat and cool the barn.

TC3 Farm Geothermal
The TC3 Farm Geothermal System

Sustainability is important in everything we do here at the TC3 Farm. Sustainable farming, sustainable food systems, and sustainable energy. We are trying to help build a sustainable future.

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