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Local Event: Celebrate Our Amazing Farming Community

Celebrate Our Amazing Farming Community! Panel Presentation & Networking 

Hear about what farmers in our community are doing to practice sustainability and contribute to the social well-being of our community

Wednesday, March 2nd from 6 – 9pm At Greenstar’s The Space (corner of Court & Fulton Streets in Ithaca)

Free & Open to all – light dinner served. Please take a brief minute to register HERE 

Questions? Contact or (607) 229-2540

Farmers are an integral part of the Tompkins County Landscape and our community, however, what they do and how they do it is sometimes unknown to the people that live here.  Join us to hear local farmers tell their stories and what they are doing to farm sustainably (protecting the soil, water, air) while providing a living for themselves and their employees, marketing locally raised products, and supporting their community.

Re-establish a connection to local farmers ! 

Agenda for March 2nd

6:00 PM Gather, Light Supper provided: Eat & Network, View Displays and connect with Local Organizations

6:30 PM – Overview of Farming in Tompkins County – Monika Roth, CCE Tompkins Ag Educator

6:45 PM – Panel of Farming Superstars!

Each farm will talk about their operation, sustainable farming practices, and how they support the community!

            Jeremy Sherman, Jerry Dell Farm, Dryden – large organic dairy farm

            Eileen Scheffler, Scheffler Farm, Groton – small organic dairy farm

            Kat Carestio, Myers Farm, Interlaken – organic crop farmer

            Evangeline Sarat, Sweetland Farm, Trumansburg – vegetable CSA

            John Bokaer-Smith, Westhaven Farm, Ithaca – vegetable CSA

            Steve Gabriel, Wellspring Forest Farm, Mecklenburg – mushrooms, sheep

            Peter Larsen, Just a Few Acres, Lansing – diversified livestock

            Heather Sandford, The Piggery, Trumansburg – pork producers & retail meat shop

            Don Barber & Rita Rosenberg, Rosebarb Farm, Caroline – diversified farm & B&B

            Rafael Aponte, Rocky Acres Farm, Groton – diversified livestock

            Ann Piombino, Youth Farm Project, Danby

7:45 PM – short break

8:00 PM – Panel continues, followed by Questions from the audience

8:50 PM – Wrap Up

9:00 PM Adjourn

Co-Sponsored by

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County

Greenstar Community Projects (GSCP)

Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming

Got Questions? Connections? Want to be heard? 

GreenStar Community Projects (GSCP) encourages everyone (from all communities) to Join the ongoing effort to re-shape the local food system 

until it becomes fair for all and heatlhy for the earth

Creative ways to get involved from where you stand – to build collaboration towards healthier local food for everyone – 

 GreenStar Community Projects (GSCP) connects local communities with organizations, businesses, schools, etc to improve our local food system:

Regular networking sessions address local food issues: Like the one above (on sustainable farming) each session is free & open to all.  Share your voice across the county: participants include over 170 local food organizations and more than 500 individuals.

– GSCP also supports small Dinner Gatherings – of your own design – to encourage conversations about any issue related to food.

– Your voice is welcomed – dig in!  Hot Potato Press is the food news & networking website for Tompkins County. People (from all communities and all sectors) are warmly encouraged to use this resource, adding your vital piece of the dialog 

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