Mobile Food Pantry on the TC3 Campus

Mobile Food Pantry on the TC3 Campus – Monday February 29, 2016 in D-LOT, 12pm to 1pm

This is free food for anyone who needs it.

There are no forms to complete and you do not have to ‘qualify’ to receive the food. You just need to leave your name and be willing to give us your phone number and age of everyone in your household/res hall room. (This is just for required data reporting for the funding that supports the mobile food truck.)

Bring bags with you and be prepared to refrigerate food – most of it will be dairy or produce items.

We’ll be set up at the parking lot off of Panther Drive (D-lot) – near the Residence Halls. The photo below is what the truck looks like.

Any member of the TC3 community (faculty, staff, or student) is eligible.

Mobile Food Pantry

Some additional information:

-D-Lot is off of Panther Drive – the intersection of Panther and Farview – if you take the main road all the way past all of the parking lots, turn right at the stop sign, continue straight past the athletic fields, and go straight at the next stop sign you will see the parking lot on your left.

-You are able to pick up food for yourself and one other person. You also can have someone else get food for you if you are not able to be there.

-The mobile food truck will also be on campus March 29 and April 25.

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