Herb Gardening Class in Auburn, New York


Saturday, May 21st – 11:30AM until 2:30PM

Price for the class & luncheon will be $25.

herb gardeningThe focus of this session is on growing and cooking with culinary herbs.  We will start in the restaurant with a light luncheon featuring some of the interesting culinary herbs we grow.  We will discuss our favorite herb varieties. You will see these herbs growing in our herb garden and we will show you how we plant and propagate them. We will discuss how to use them in some delightful summer salads, entrèes and beverages.

If you are interested in attending either of this event please call 315-252-6025 or e-mail us at lou@elderberrypond.com to register

According to the New York Times one business that has not seen an economic downturn in recent months is the seed and garden plant business.  Home “Victory” type gardens are on the rise, and for good reason.  A small home garden can produce hundreds of dollars worth of fresh produce in a single season.  Add to that the convenience, quality, nutritional advantage, value of the exercise and the satisfaction of watching your food grow, and this should be the fastest “growing” business in the Country!  Well, for our part we would like to pass along some of our experience in planting and caring for your victory garden without using any dangerous (and expensive) chemicals or chemical fertilizers.  To that end we will be offering a spring organic vegetable gardening class on April 17th here at the farm followed on May 21st by an Herb gardening class and luncheon.   Each session will begin with a power point presentation reviewing organic gardening principles followed by specific techniques for growing specific vegetable and herb varieties.  Weather permitting we will then tour our gardens and high tunnels for planting and care demonstrations.

Elderberry Pond Farm
3728 Center Street Road
Auburn, NY  13021

The Farm at Elderberry Pond  has been managed using organic and sustainable practices since 1983.  In 1999 the farm was certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC. Currently we have about 36 acres in certified organic production.  Organic farming practices at Elderberry Pond focus on maintenance of bio-diversity on the entire farm both above and below the ground. Insects and plant diseases are controlled with natural amendments, with traps and by encouraging predatory insect populations.  The following describe some of the specific practices we use on our farm.  If you visit the farm store or restaurant we would be glad to discuss these practices in more detail.


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