Farm Preparation and Planning – Spring at the TC3 Farm

Farm Preparation and Planning at TC3 Farm – Student Post by Murray

Farm preparation and planning Planting seeds properly is the most important job on the farm. The start of a new plant is so crucial and if attention to detail is ignored, a huge failure in the season would be possible. Seeding is not as simple as one might think; it involves many hours of preparation and planning. Also, plant data and growing knowledge is key for success. Understanding how the particular seed grows, what temperature it needs, the best way to transplant/direct seed or what nutrients the soil needs, the grower must understand these basics.

Seeding is very important, in fact, one of the most important in determining the whole season’s success. First, using seedling trays is necessary if the seedlings have to be transplanted. Seedling StartsThis gives the control of their environment and also proves to be easier when transplanting. It is also important to know how many seeds per cell are needed as the germination rate may be high or low and compensation is needed for the differences in crops. A great company where TC3 Farm buys its seeds is called High Mowing Seeds.

Seedling Trays on the Greenhouse BenchTransplanting takes time and can get tiresome if there is a large amount to be completed. Planting at the right time where the plants will grow healthy and after the ground thaws will make or break a crop. When it is time to remove the plants from the trays, you will notice that the roots may be root bound. This is where the roots have run out of room to grow and have grown back onto itself. Taking the plants out of the trays with care, I would also have to place the plant in the soil with the top of the roots just under the surface of the soil. There is a growing point before the first little leaves branching off the main plant.

Thousands of SeedlingsAll these practices are carried out on the TC3 Farm and I have enjoyed learning about how the college practices their farming and I find the attention to detail impressive. The results are extremely satisfying but it takes a large amount of work. This farming environment is enjoyable, socially interactive and there is nothing like taking a step back and looking at the 25,000 seedlings which you helped plant. It is satisfying to see all the work accomplished on the farm that I was involved with.

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