Week of October 3rd – CSA Newsletter

Greetings folks,

So, what exactly happened to September? I swear it was just Labor Day. But here we are at the beginning of October. The season is moving right along as the impending cold weather seems to be approaching quickly. Even with the harvest continuing to come in, we are still progressing with getting the farm ready for the winter months. Our early cover crop of peas and oats is beautifully established.

Oats and peas cover crop in October
Oats and peas cover crop in October

I’m really looking forward to the benefits of this green manure. This past week, we continued to prepare the ground where next year’s garlic is going to be planted and got more cover crops in. This time we planted a deep-rooted tillage radish that will help to aerate the soil and add nitrogen. The hoophouse areas are ready for their winter plantings, which will happen in the next week or so. Having the hoophouses planted in the winter will allow us to continue our farm stand later in the season and have some produce to sell to Coltivare and other area restaurants.

The students working on the farm this semester as part of their field work in their Intro to Soil Science class have been doing a great job. There is a lot asked of them throughout the semester and this time of the season tends to definitely seem a little more hectic. I mean, there is always lots to do but with the cooler, shorter days and the constant threat of the weather changing for the worse, it makes each day on the farm that more important.

That being said, the vegetables keep on coming and this week’s CSA share is no different. This week’s veggie bonanza will be a good mix of old and new items. There will be the possible last of the summer squash. It is the amazing crop that just keeps on giving. There will be lettuce mix, kale, chard and the return of tat soi. The tomatoes have slowed down significantly but there will still be beefsteaks, heirlooms and cherries in the share. Green, red and hot peppers, along with tomatillos, green onions, beets and potatoes will also be in the share. We are done with new potatoes, so the taters that you receive from here on out don’t need to be kept in the fridge. I think that’s it for the veggies that are returnees. Oh, wait, there will be another round of snow peas. Not sure how much but they need to be harvested. Ok, on to the new items this week. There will be shishito peppers. Shishito are small Japanese frying peppers that I absolutely love. All I do is pan fry them whole until they start to blister up and then add a coarse salt to them. They make the best little side. There will be some kohlrabi this week. Kohlrabi is another of my favorites. It’s kind of a cross between broccoli and cabbage in taste and can be cooked or eaten raw. I really like to peel, slice and add it to salads raw. Another new item this week will be sorrel. Sorrel is a lemony herb that like to add to pasta dishes or slice very thinly and add to salads. I also found this webpage with ideas for what to do with sorrel. I know it’s the first week of October but there will also be watermelons this week. Due to this summer’s drought, they grew at a very, very slow rate. We’ve been tasting them over the last few weeks and I think they are at the best they are going to be. Knowing when the melons are ripe is always a challenge and I think we did a good job finding the best ones. We did some taste testing at home tonight and they were toddler approved. The last new item this week is going to be broccoli. Looking at it today, I think that there will be enough for every share to get a head.

Enjoy folks!

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