Week of October 24th – CSA Newsletter

So, October had a little bit of an identity crisis last week. We had some incredibly gorgeous weather early in the week to cold and rainy at the end. We removed our rain gauge from the field sometime in September but from what I’m hearing from others in the area, we got more rain in 3 days then we did the entire summer. Kinda crazy to think about. We had standing water in some spots in our field today! All this rain isn’t going to do too much for our remaining crops but it will definitely help to raise the water table. We are at such a deficit right now that we can use as much as we can get. So, even though cold rainy days in the fall aren’t the best to work in, they are definitely a welcome sight. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for a snowy winter to help with next year.

hoophouse spinach and chard
Newly planted spinach and chard

We didn’t let the wacky weather slow us down last week. In addition to all of our harvest, we kept plugging away at our fall projects. The hoophouses are now planted with spinach, swiss chard, arugula, turnips and mustard greens. We will now have product to sell in the winter months. In the next week or so, we will move the houses over these crops so they be nice and cozy when it’s cold out. We also started to prep the garlic to be planted for next season. To do this, we break up the garlic heads and separate the individual cloves and sort out the biggest ones to plant as heads. The smaller ones will get planted as well so that we can harvest them as garlic greens. It looks like we will be planting over 1300 cloves for next season. I was hoping to plant this week but with all the rain we just got, it may have to be put off for a week. We also potted on over 200 strawberry runners that we will keep in the greenhouse over the winter.

Potting on strawberry runners
Potting on strawberry runners

That should be enough plants for us to add another bed next season. The last big project that we did was to clear out the beefsteak and cherry tomatoes from one of our hoophouses. We removed over 500 plants!!

Clearing out the hoophouse tomatoes

This week’s CSA share will have the very last of the eggplant. We removed all of the plants from the greenhouse today, so we can get ready to plant lettuce. There will also be more rutabaga, winter squash (probably a choice of acorn and delicata), green peppers, red peppers, fennel, green tomatoes, chard, kale, beets, potatoes, broccoli, hot peppers, mini romaine, tomatoes, and a choice between shishito peppers and padron peppers. The padrons are a Spanish frying that pack some heat. There will be two new items in this week’s share. Remember when we were doing the “carrot liberation of 2016”? We were able to get through weeding 3 of our beds. Well, they have sized up enough to start harvesting. It’s not the best yield but they are super tasty and we should have them for the next couple of weeks. The other new item is Chinese or Napa cabbage. There’s lots to do with it but I really love to add the Chinese cabbage to stir fry. I just separate the green from the white stem and chop it into one-inch pieces and add it to the pan. After that cooks down for a few minutes, I then add the chopped green leafy part since it doesn’t take as long to cook.

Have a great week folks and remember November 8th is the last pickup!

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