Week of October 31st – CSA Newsletter

Happy Halloween!!

Well folks, we’ve made it to the penultimate week of the CSA season. I’m going to keep this week short but I’ll definitely dive into some detail next week with my recap of the growing season. In the meantime, last week was a continuation of all of the farm’s fall projects. I love fall on the farm. I enjoy seeing the landscape change and the cooler nights but it’s a constant race against time. Harvests to get out of the field, projects and plantings for winter. Last week was a good reminder of that. We had a couple of nighttime temperatures in the upper 20s and first real wet, snowy day. What that meant for us was that we covered the beds in one of the hoophouse areas and actually moved the house over the other hoophouse area. If you’ve never seen a hoophouse move over an existing crop before, check out this short little video on our Facebook page (you have to scroll down a little). Neat, huh. It actually takes longer to prep the house to move than it does to move it. In the coming week or 2, we will move the other hoophouse after clearing out the rest of the peppers. The snow also meant that we needed to put off garlic planting for the week. We should be able to get to it this week.

Alright, so it’s the second to last CSA share and there’s still been plenty to harvest. This week vegetable bonanza will have more winter squash. There will be a mix of delicata, acorn and mini butternuts. The hearty roots of rutabaga, potatoes, beets and carrots will warm your tummies. There will be green peppers, red peppers, hot peppers, and padron peppers. Green tomatoes, ripe tomatoes, most likely the last of the mini romaines, Chinese cabbage, fennel, garlic, swiss chard, kale and the first of the collard greens. I always like to wait for a couple of frosts before harvesting collards for the first time. I think that it really helps to sweeten them up. I like to prepare my collards by stacking them and rolling them up tightly and slicing thinly. In the meantime, I’m heating oil in a large pan with a little salt, pepper, sugar and minced garlic. I add the collards and cook them for about 15-20 minutes, stirring often. Super simple and super tasty.

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