Week of October 16th – CSA Newsletter

The oats/peas cover crop is coming along.

We’ve made it to the home stretch, folks. Week 19 of the CSA is upon us. There are 3 remaining weeks to the CSA season after this week. It’s been a roller coaster ride of a farm season that I’ll be sure to recap in the coming weeks.

But first, some farm updates. We finished getting the rest of the potatoes out of the ground last week. It definitely feels good to get a harvest like that done for the season. Potatoes aren’t one of the easiest of crops to harvest at the TC3 Farm. We really don’t grow enough potatoes to justify purchasing a potato harvester, so we dig our taters by using a digging fork. After loosening the soil with the forks, it’s on to our hands and knees to go searching for our “buried treasure”. It’s definitely a satisfying job but not always the easiest, especially when you have as many rocks in the field as we do.

After a beautiful weekend, today was the first real miserable day (mostly the morning) on the farm of the season. Even after all the wet weather we had this year, I can honestly say that. This was the kind of day that comes to mind when people comment to me on how awesome it must be to be working outside all the time. You know, that first really cold, wet kinda day. The one where your hands are really cold and they start to go numb while you harvest or do field work or wash veggies. Now, this isn’t a Puddles Pity Party, not in the least. I’m just saying that farmers work in all extremes to get done what needs to get done. And today that was harvesting.

Remember a few weeks back, when I said that we had transplanted spinach for harvesting in the winter?


Well, it really took off with that amazing stretch of weather we had in September and will be part of the choice for this week’s CSA share. Because of the threat of frost tonight, I harvested the remaining hot peppers and a bunch of green frying peppers from the field, so they will be in the choice this week. Along with carrots, garlic, beets, potatoes, kohlrabi, chard, lettuce mix, Napa cabbage and the return of tatsoi. We’re still holding on to summer, as well. There will be eggplant, sweet bell and sweet frying peppers, cherries, beefsteaks and heirlooms part of the mix. Oh, and the very first black radishes.

Black Radish!

These are some real beauties. They are a fall radish with thicker skin than a spring radish and they store well. Still perfect to use in salads or just to slice thin with a little salt. I don’t know if my body is sensing that winter is coming but I’ve been craving much heartier meals lately and they’ve been a perfect way to use up veggies from the share. In the past week, we’ve made a frittata, chili and a potato/pepper hash with some leftover smoked pulled pork.

Potato/pepper hash with smoked pulled pork!

Coming soon are rutabaga, watermelon radish and the return of kale!

Have a great week!



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