Week of July 9th – CSA Newsletter

I hope that everyone had a good 4th and got time to enjoy the day with family and friends. It was mostly a quiet week on the farm with the students having a mini-break but we kept plugging away at our weekly list of tasks to do. July is primetime for weeds on the farm, so we are doing our best to stay on top (but mostly catch up) of them. We’ve made it through all of our onions and now just have a few beds of leeks and shallots to get through and then we’ll move onto the next priority area. Today we welcomed some new friends to the farm. This is our third summer partnering with Challenge Workforce Solutions as a job site for youth workers as part of their Youth Employment Program. It’s been a great partnership and I’m looking forward to another summer with them as part of our team.

Our hoophouse/greenhouse crops have really been enjoying this stretch of weather and this past week we spent a good amount of time in them. Our continual pruning and trellising of tomatoes, some solid weeding and the trellising of our sweet peppers all happened.

Trellised peppers

We trellis that crop because being under plastic and not fully exposed to all the elements, creates large plants that need some support. There was also an exciting development in the houses. Cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen (there was even some sampling of the 5 first ripe ones today) and the eggplant are starting to produce!

Just a couple of weeks away.
I see you little eggplant.

It shouldn’t be too long now!

This week’s CSA share has a couple of July surprises in the choice. There will be some more french breakfast radishes and arugula for the first time. In early June, I decided to push a seeding of those 2 crops but manage them a little differently. Instead of using traditional row cover to protect from flea beetles, I decided to try this insect netting that we use on occasion. And boy, did it work well. The insect netting lets a little more light through but also more air, which keeps things a bit cooler under there. Also in this week’s choice, there will be another round of kohlrabi, kale, fresh garlic, salad turnips, carrots, lettuce mix and head lettuce (our next planting was ready sooner than expected), greenhouse basil, sugar snap peas, snow peas, zucchini and cucumbers. With all this goodness this week, think salad, salad, salad! And pesto :).  There are also u-pick herbs available (which don’t count as an item in your choice). In the coming weeks there will be cabbage, parsley and beans.

Have a great week!

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