Week of August 6th – CSA Newsletter

Last week was the final week of our Summer Internship on the TC3 Farm for the students in the Sustainable Farming and Food Systems program at Tompkins Cortland. For most of them it was their third and final semester on the farm. This cohort has been an absolute pleasure to have out here and their “growth” has been amazing since they first stepped onto the farm last fall. I feel that they’ve all come a long way in their personal growth and as a learning community. For those of you on campus, if you see any of the farming students, please say thank you for all their hard work. They are a big part of what happens on the TC3 Farm, from crop planning/rotations in the winter months to planting and harvesting in the summer and everything in between. I look forward to seeing where and what they all end up doing next.

We kept very busy on the farm during the last week. In addition to our weekly harvests and trying to keep up with the weeds, we did one last big planting. We got 14 beds of fall brassicas in the ground, including cabbage, collards, cauliflower, kohlrabi and napa cabbage. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we have a long enough season and that we can keep the pests (mostly the woodchucks) at bay.

Let’s get right into this week’s CSA share. This is the week where the summer crops are really starting to come in. And that is definitely true for the tomatoes. I joke with folks that our CSA tests your love of tomatoes. The weather was perfect for them this past week and there will be lots in the share this week. The cherry tomatoes exploded over the weekend, as did the heirlooms. There will also be the first beefsteaks, as well. Also in this week’s choice are cabbage, lettuce (heads), spinach, beets, parsley, carrots, basil, cucumbers and zucchini. Our first succession of cucumbers have petered out and the second planting is just starting, so they’re a little light this week. The zucchini is thriving at the moment and there were lots that got a little too big from our last harvest on Thursday. So, in addition to the ones in the share, there will be plenty in the extras bin. Think about getting those zucchini breads or muffins made and stashed in the freezer. Here are two recipes for chocolate zucchini bread and zucchini cupcakes. There will also be a couple of new items to choose from this week. The first eggplant and beans are here. If you’re into making lots of pesto, you’re in luck because we have LOTS in the greenhouse. I’m going to open one of the beds for u-picking this week, so feel free to grab what you need.

I’m not 100% sure but the first potatoes may be in next week’s share.

Have a great week, folks!


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