Week of September 10th – CSA Newsletter

Well, it seems like fall is officially here. After all that sun, heat and humidity, we have arrived at hoodie weather. I must admit that it’s a great relief. It was really hot the past few weeks and it didn’t seem like it was ever going to cool down. But alas, it has and should really help some of our fall crops that prefer cooler temperatures. We definitely needed some rain, too. As of around 3pm today there was about an inch and a half in the rain gauge. It’s a little excessive but for how dry it’s been lately, we’ll take it.

This past week we continued our weekly harvests for the CSA, farm stand and restaurants. We also were able to transplant some fall lettuce and kohlrabi, as well as harvest some more of our winter squash and start on the main potato crop. The taters that have been in the share the past few weeks were harvested while the plants were still alive. That’s why they have tender skin and need to be stored in the fridge. The potatoes that we will be harvesting from here on out will be able to be stored in a cool dark place because their tops have died back and their skin has “set”.

The student interns continue to make great strides on the farm. They are all starting to pick up a lot of the concepts and techniques we have been covering these past few weeks. This is a great group and I’m really enjoying to get to know them. They’ve been working hard and have tackled each new task with great enthusiasm and energy.

With the quick change in weather, some crops are beginning to slow down but there will still be plenty of yummy goodness in this week’s CSA share. Our tomatoes have definitely peaked, especially the heirlooms but they along with cherries and beefsteaks are still in the share. I’m hopeful that we will get through most of the rest of the CSA season with some sort of tomato. There will also be new potatoes (probably the last week before we get into storage taters), beets, garlic, spinach, head lettuce, hot peppers, sweet peppers, eggplant and beans to choose from. This may be the last week for beans but we’ll see. Herb bunches will also be apart of this week’s share. There should be cilantro, dill, parsley, sage, thyme and possibly sorrel and dandelion. We also harvested the last of the watermelons today. In addition to delicata squash, there will be acorn squash in the share. Good ol’ Martha Stewart has a bunch of different recipes that utilize acorn squash. I’m partial to roasting it or stuffing it but there are lots of great things to do with it. Especially since the weather has cooled a bit and turning on the oven won’t be such a chore.

Have a great week!

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