Week of October 8th – CSA Newsletter

The wet weather of October continues. We got close to 3 inches of rain last week and the fields are an absolute mess at the moment. There’s standing water in some parts and soupy mud in others. We haven’t gotten enough sun to really dry things out. A lot of the late season field work I was hoping for may not happen. I’m just hoping for enough of a dry spell that I can do one last field prep of where the garlic will be planted later this month. One of the benefits of being a mostly human-powered farm, is that we are still able to get out into the fields to harvest and some cleanup projects. It’s not ideal but we are able to do it. I feel for our neighbors who have livestock or dairy operations and are struggling to get corn harvested or hay cut. Aah, the joys of farming.

Despite all the rain last week, we continued to plug away at our fall list. We tackled the big project of removing all of the eggplant plants from the greenhouse so we can start to get those beds ready for winter lettuce and greens. We also started to clean garlic for the rest of the season, did a little greenhouse seeding and continued our fall harvest of root crops. The students have been troopers working in less than ideal conditions. Since the start of the semester they have gotten a good taste of the ups and downs the weather can play during a farm season.

As the CSA season winds down (there’s only 4 weeks left after this week), there are still plenty of vegetables left in the field to harvest. the temperatures have been a little cooler than expected, so the growing has slowed down significantly. But I’m optimistic that we will finish the season strong. This week’s share is going to be pepper-centric. There will be sweet peppers, green peppers, hot peppers, the return of shishito peppers and poblano peppers. There will also be carrots, potatoes, delicata squash, head lettuce, kale, garlic, tomatillos, cherry, beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes to choose from. In addition to the poblano peppers, there will be two more new items in the share this week. Collard greens and leeks will be making their long-awaited appearance. I’m not sure if certain things will be grouped together as choices because I still have a bunch of harvesting to do in the morning, but it will definitely be a nice share to choose from.

Have a great week!

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