Week of October 15th – CSA Newsletter

Well, after a promising start to last week, weather-wise, the wet, cold weather has come back with a vengeance. Looking ahead at the forecast things don’t look too great for the remainder of the season. We had our first sub 40 degree night over the weekend and it looks like our first frost will be hitting us later this week and the possibility of the dreaded 4 letter S-word. But we shall see. With temps dipping below 40 degrees and the threat of frost coming, many crops will perish with the cold temperatures. It’s been a good run but all things must come to an end. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Light frosts will actually start to sweeten many of the crops that are still in the ground. And we still have a lot to get out. My hope is that there will still be enough time before we are in consistent sub-freezing temperatures. We’ll do a big push this week to get out as much as we can. We’ll actually start with the peppers and tomatoes in the hoophouses since most of our remaining field crops can handle the weather. Even though the hoophouses add some extra warmth, the lack of sun and close to freezing temperatures will surely mean the end of those crops. If we get them out this week, we should be able to have them for the remainder of the CSA season.

Speaking of the CSA, this week’s share is still full of abundance. In the choice this week, there will be rainbow chard (probably the last week of it), kale, the last of the cherry tomatoes, fennel, potatoes, leeks, beets, green peppers, sweet or suntan (they haven’t fully turned color yet) peppers, shishito peppers, hot peppers, garlic, beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes, carrots and herb bunches.

In the coming weeks, there will be rutabaga and the return of kohlrabi. And if we’re lucky, there will also be some fall turnips and radishes.

Have a great week!

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