Week of November 5th – CSA Newsletter

Well, folks, we made it. Another CSA season is in the books and I can’t thank you all enough for taking this roller coaster of a farm season with us and for supporting the TC3 Farm! Many of you have been with us since year one, while others have joined along the way and for some, this is your first season being a CSA member. We’ve come a long way since that first season when it was just myself and a roto-tiller. I had minimal help that first summer, since the degree program didn’t start until that fall. There wasn’t a barn to work out of, a cooler to store veggies in, sinks to wash in or hoophouses or a greenhouse to grow veggies in year-round. I was driving all over Dryden and Cortland, relying on the help of friends who wanted to support the farm by giving us a place to start vegetable seeds, wash and store vegetables and even a little space to grow some food. Now, after completing our 5th CSA season, the farm is starting to come into its own. There’s still a ways to go but with the support of awesome members, like you all, we can get there! 

Last week we had about one and a half days of what actually felt like fall. It was amazing! The sun was shining, the temperature was near 60 degrees. We almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves. But we figured it out. We took advantage in the break in the weather and got next season’s garlic planted, as well as plugging away on our carrot harvest. Today was a busy day on the farm, as well. In addition to getting most of the harvest done for tomorrow’s CSA pickup, we were able to prep beds in the greenhouse for a lettuce planting which we got done in the afternoon. We also started to clear out the 400 plus tomato plants in two of our hoophouses. I think the students appreciated being able to spend most of the day indoors!

Ok, the last pickup is here. This week’s choice, just like the last couple of weeks will be root crop heavy. There will be beets, potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, daikon radish, watermelon radish and black radish. In addition, there will be kale, parsley, sorrel, maybe some dandelion and/or sage, garlic, kohlrabi, hot peppers and a mix of ripe, blush and green tomatoes. There will also be two new items this week: brussel sprouts and fresh ginger. The brussel sprouts are teeny-tiny but it was a new crop this year and even though they never sized up because of the unseasonably cold fall, I wanted to include them this week. The ginger isn’t something that I usually include in the CSA share but I wanted to end the season with something special for you all. If you’re unfamiliar with fresh ginger, it’s a wonderful little treat that can be added to teas, stir-fry’s or smoothies. It has about a 7-10 day shelf life in the fridge in a plastic bag or can easily be frozen and grated for whatever use you it for. If you do freeze it, I usually break it up and wash it again. It’s really hard to get in the nooks and crannies.

Thanks again for a great season and have a wonderful week!!

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