Week of August 12th – CSA Newsletter #10

Howdy, folks. This week’s newsletter is going to be short and sweet, as we get closer to the halfway point of the CSA season. Last week was quiet and mellow on the farm. It was just myself and Jorge, a Sustainable Farming and Food Systems student who has completed all his internships and is about to start his final semester at Tompkins Cortland, for most of the week. Jorge has been working for the farm this summer and has been a great asset this season. We just kept plugging away with all the different weekly tasks. There was some transplanting, weeding, and harvesting done throughout the week. We got some good rain on both Tuesday and Thursday last week. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but Tuesday has been a popular day for some precipitation over the last month.

As I mentioned last week, the farm was part of the the Open Farm Days hosted by CCE and Visit Ithaca. That took place on Saturday and was a huge success. I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never hosted a “drop-in” type of farm tour. We had a beautiful day and had a steady flow of folks coming by the entire day. There were probably around 70 or so people that came by the farm. It was a great mix of folks, as well, from various parts of the state. It was a lot of work and I was exhausted by the end but really happy that we were able to participate in it.

Alright, let’s talk about some vegetables and this week’s CSA share. When the calendar turns to August, it magically turns into tomato time! All three types are thriving at the moment. So there will be cherry, beefsteak and some beautiful heirlooms this week. My wife made this amazing tomato salad over the weekend. She used both heirlooms and a box of those mixed cherry tomatoes. Chopped them all up in a bowl with a couple of cloves of fresh garlic pressed, lots of basil, some pink Himalayan sea salt with some aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil. We picked up some fresh loaves of bread from Wegmans and were in absolute heaven. There will also be carrots, basil, garlic, hot peppers, cabbage, radishes, eggplant and beans this week. As well as the return of lettuce mix. There will also be a small amount of cucumbers and a very small amount of summer squash. Our first plantings are almost done of those crops and our succession planting was transplanted during that heat wave we had in July and are slowly recovering.

Have a great week!

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