Week of September 2nd – CSA Newsletter #13

Happy September, folks! Well, the first week of class came and went. I hope that folks working over at Tompkins Cortland had a great first week. The new student interns started last week. Even though no farm work got done the day that we met, I was really impressed with the energy and enthusiasm this group is starting the semester with. (We’ll have to wait and see what happens the first time we’re out in the cold, sleeting weather.) But seriously though, this group of interns seems like an incredible group of young people. We spent the first day going over the normal housekeeping of the semester and then we spent time getting to know each other. One thing that is really important to me when it comes to sustainable agriculture, is community. Where/how you sell your product, engagement with your surrounding community (you all are very important to the TC3 Farm community) and especially with the folks who are working alongside you. Farming is hard, hard work, but also very rewarding. When there’s a strong community surrounding you, it makes that hard work that much easier. And that was my take away for the new interns on the first day we met. I’m always amazed at how food brings folks together. This group is no different. It such a diverse group of life experiences and backgrounds but the commonality of food is bringing this group together.

With the start of the semester (I’m also teaching an extra class), a farm stand on campus, deliveries and some meetings, there actually wasn’t too much accomplished last week besides harvesting. But there’s lots to do and I’m excited to get this group started.

Since the college was closed today (students are here on MW), I was the only person at the farm laboring today. The share this week will be a little bit on the lighter side. My apologies for that but most of the day was spent harvesting tomatoes. Even though the heirlooms have slowed down, I think I ended up harvesting about 600+ pounds of tomatoes. So heirloom, cherries and beefsteaks are still going strong. There will also be lettuce mix, eggplant (both the Japanese and Italian varieties), sweet peppers, hot peppers, black radishes and garlic. I’m hoping to have time to grab basil this week and see what the cucumber situation in the field is but we’ll see what happens. There’s still a bunch to do in the morning.

Have a great week, folks!

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