Week of September 23rd – CSA Newsletter #16

Happy Fall, folks! What a beautiful last weekend of summer. It was great to run in to some folks down at Porchfest and at the Sunset Soiree on Thursday. The students in the Culinary Arts program did a great job transforming produce from the TC3 Farm into delicious treats for the 100 plus guests.

As fall descends upon us, we are starting to transition our focus on the farm to some clean up projects and preparing for the winter. With the unpredictability of the weather in the Finger Lakes this time of the year, we want to be on top of things when the inevitable first frost arrives. Last week we spent a lot of time in the greenhouse cleaning up the tomato plants for their last push of the season. We also started some spinach that will be transplanted in one of the hoophouses for the winter. In addition to that, we spent time getting beds weeded and prepped in the uncovered areas of our movable hoophouses. If you didn’t know, two of our hoophouses are on tracks and can be moved to from plot to plot during the season. This helps greatly with our season extension and soil health. Another thing that needed to get done last week was to cover the spinach that was in last week’s CSA share and the newer planting that had just been put in the ground. As we were harvesting the spinach, I noticed some bare spots in the planting and some damage to some leaves. Upon closer inspection, I saw that deer had discovered the plants and began munching! I guess the TC3 Farm deer have refined palettes because there was a bed of bolted lettuce right next to the spinach that didn’t have any damage. Go figure.

Ok, onto this week’s CSA share. The heirlooms and cherries are slowing down significantly but are still around, as well as the beefsteaks. There will also be tomatillos, black radishes, beets, garlic, hot peppers, sweet peppers, green frying peppers and some poblano peppers. I’m not sure how many of the poblanos there will be and if they will be part of the frying peppers or something else. This week’s eggplant will just be the long Japanese. The Italian ones have slowed a bit and I want to give them a chance to size up. There will also be another round of cucumbers. They were a surprise last week. I pushed a later than usual planting that was ready to go. The greens this week will be rainbow chard, the Asian stir fry mix and kale.

Have a great week!

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