Week of September 30th – CSA Newsletter #17

As we end September and begin October, the feel of fall is truly upon us. The days and nights are cooler, the leaves are changing colors at a quickening pace and some leaves are falling into the field while we work. At this time of the year I start peeking at the weather ahead to see what’s in store for us. I love how fall vegetables sweeten as the temperatures overnight begin to drop but there are also a lot of vegetables still growing that don’t enjoy sub 40 degree weather. And that’s what we’re looking at on Friday night this week. I’ll have to keep an eye on things to see what will need to be done. It looks like there will be a lot of clearing of crops that are cold sensitive and covering crops that are frost sensitive. Doing this will help us minimize food waste.

Meanwhile, last week we were kept busy with our continued harvest and fall cleanup projects. As well as a little planting. In addition to the CSA, the farm is also doing a weekly farm stand and sales to both Coltivare and the Culinary Arts program, so there’s a good amount to harvest and get ready each week. The cleanup project, and it’s a big one, that got started this past week was to begin sanitizing our seedling trays for next season’s transplants. I have a love/hate relationship with plastic, so we reuse our plastic seedling trays (and our plastic drip tape) for as long as possible. In doing so, it’s important for us to start off each season with clean trays to minimize the possibility of any disease transmission. And on the planting front, I was optimistic that we were going to have some warm temps. That thinking motivated me to try and squeeze in a final planting of some salad radishes and arugula. They’re both relatively fast growing crops. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we have enough warm days.

This week’s CSA choice will still have tomatoes. The beefsteak, cherries and heirlooms are still chugging along. There will be kale, rainbow chard, stir fry mix (the bok choi/tat soi) and lettuce mix. As well as sweet peppers, hot peppers, eggplant (both varieties), beets, tomatillos, black radishes, a mix of herbs and a newcomer this week. The new crop this week is kohlrabi. If you’re not familiar with this wonderful little veggie, you’re in for a treat. I find them to look like little UFOs but they taste so sweet. A lot of folks like to roast them or put them in soups. When they are this small size, they are very tender. I trim off the leaves, which I save to saute and peel the kohlrabi with a paring knife. I then just slice it up and add them to a salad. It’s a whole lotta crunchy goodness. I may also have time to harvest some basil tomorrow. We tried to sneak in a late planting in the field and with the impending weather, basil is a crop that does not like the sub 40 degree weather. It’s not as pretty as the basil that was in the season earlier but it’s out there.

Have a great week!

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