Week of October 28th – CSA Newsletter #21

As we near the end of the CSA season, there is still plenty for us to do before the cold weather is here for good. It’s been really nice to have some good weather days sprinkled in around the cold and rain. Last week we were able to transplant another 2 beds of spinach in our hoophouse area for the winter. Once the CSA is over, we will clear out the houses and move them over the area where the spinach is planted. We also have some kale that will be planted shortly. In addition to the hoophouse plantings, we are also getting some plants started for the greenhouse. Lettuce was started last week and this week we will start another round of lettuce and some rainbow chard. One of our last big projects for the season is planting garlic for next year. If the weather cooperates, we should be able to get that done in the next two weeks.

I also had the pleasure of having two groups out to the farm last week. First, students from the OCM BOCES New Visions program came out for a day at Tompkins Cortland. This is an exciting program for high school seniors with a strong focus on the Environmental Sciences and sustainability. We’ve had a couple of students who went through this program in our Sustainable Farming and Food Systems degree, so it’s a really nice connection to have. The other group that came out to the farm were students who are taking ESL classes at Tompkins Cortland. It was a great time to show them around and talk about agriculture here in the States compared to their home countries (China, South Korea and the Ukraine).

Okay, on to our penultimate CSA share. In this week’s choice there will be more napa cabbage, eggplant, beets, spinach, kale, collards and rainbow chard. There will also be the stir fry mix, hot peppers, sun tan peppers, fennel, tomatoes, herb bunches (rosemary, thyme, sage, dandelion and sorrel) and kohlrabi. The kohlrabi this week is a storage variety that is much larger than the kohlrabi in previous weeks. What’s great about this variety is that it stores for months but isn’t woody or tough because of its size. It still can be used raw in salads, in soups, roasted or as a substitute in coleslaw.

Have a great week!

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