Getting Started Raising Chickens

Getting Started Raising Chickens – Student Post by Kevin

Chickens are becoming more expensive to keep with higher grain and building material costs, but still pay off in terms of  benefits to the land and adjoining systems of vegetable production or human food waste disposal. This is to say that chickens fill many niches in at least these two steps in the food supply chain, and with city ordinances in many places being modified to permit small flocks, even city dwellers can find a chicken situation to fits their needs. While these ordinances might limit flock size to a half dozen, prohibit roosters, and outlaw home slaughter, there is still room within them for production at a scale that far surpasses the needs of an individual family. Joel Salatin, a well known farmer and founder of Polyface Farm has said that chickens are even great role models for our kids – they get up early and always stay busy.

getting started raising chickens
A Frame Chicken Coop and Chicken Run 

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