6/30/20 – CSA Newsletter #3

RAIN!!!! We finally got some rain! Since I postponed my first weather discussion (some may classify it as a rant), we’ve experienced two solid rain events. Saturday and today. You know the ones I’m talking about. The nice steady rain over the course of a few hours or more. Not those storms that roll through … Read more

Week of October 28th – CSA Newsletter #21

As we near the end of the CSA season, there is still plenty for us to do before the cold weather is here for good. It’s been really nice to have some good weather days sprinkled in around the cold and rain. Last week we were able to transplant another 2 beds of spinach in … Read more

Week of July 9th – CSA Newsletter

I hope that everyone had a good 4th and got time to enjoy the day with family and friends. It was mostly a quiet week on the farm with the students having a mini-break but we kept plugging away at our weekly list of tasks to do. July is primetime for weeds on the farm, so we are doing our best to stay on top (but mostly catch up) of them. We’ve made it through all of our onions and now just have a few beds of leeks and shallots to get through and then we’ll move onto the next priority area. Today we welcomed some new friends to the farm. This is our third summer partnering with Challenge Workforce Solutions as a job site for youth workers as part of their Youth Employment Program. It’s been a great partnership and I’m looking forward to another summer with them as part of our team.

Our hoophouse/greenhouse crops have really been enjoying this stretch of weather and this past week we spent a good amount of time in them. Our continual pruning and trellising of tomatoes, some solid weeding and the trellising of our sweet peppers all happened.

Trellised peppers

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