Sustainable Farming and Food Systems at TC3


Sustainable Farming and Food Systems at TC3

The Sustainable Farming and Food Systems Program emphasizes the practical skills it takes to manage a small, diverse farm, while providing students with a broad exposure to the social and ecological considerations of truly sustainable food production and distribution. Students in the program take courses in entrepreneurship, accounting, environmental studies, biology, and unique food systems seminars. They will apply this knowledge on a working farm located on TC3’s main campus and work closely with food retailers, restaurants, as well as the TC3 Eatery and the College’s Coltivare culinary center in downtown Ithaca as part of the College’s unique Farm to Bistro concept.

The program of Sustainable Farming and Food Systems at TC3 should have wide appeal to students with diverse career goals. Those wishing to become farmers will gain practical on-farm experience with issues such as spring planning, farm management, pest control, harvesting techniques, and post-harvest handling. Students who wish to work more broadly with community groups in advocacy positions will find courses that emphasize social issues, ecological relationships, and ethical considerations.


Find out more about the Sustainable Farming and Food Systems Program.

For more information about the degree program, contact Program Chairs Amanda Bisson or Sue Stafford.

Read about the experiences of current and former Sustainable Farming and Food Systems Students on our BLOG: Sustainable Farming and Food Systems Student Blog Posts

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  1. I just found your site and I have a lot of reading to do here! I will forawrd your information.I do vegetable garden videos. Search for me at thevegetablegardener on YouTube. My hopes are to inspire my friends and clients to get started with a vegetable garden of their own. Even if it is only growing some food in pots on your deck! I hope you find these videos helpful but more important, I hope you see the importance of learning how to be a bit more self sufficient. With the increase in the cost of fuel and the droughts in our country, the cost of food is going through the roof! Availability of food may soon become more of a problem. My thoughts are that those who can grow food will have food that is both better for you but by having a garden, you just find yourself eating better because you have this food!Let me know what you thinkThanks,Blair

  2. Hi Todd & Taylor,
    Monday 6 June will work for me for a farm visit from you and your students. What time do you think you’ll be here?
    Also, is there a cell phone I can reach you guys at, to better coordinate in the future?

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