Sustainable Food Systems Cartoon

About the Sustainable Food Systems Cartoon: The other day I ran into a Culinary Arts student that I had in my Introduction to the U.S. Food System class last semester. She was in the TC3 Adjunct Office dropping off a political cartoon she had drawn to her Nutrition Professor. She told me that it had been inspired partly by things we had talked about in Food Systems, so I asked to see it. The cartoon is very clever, and very well drawn. It shows a lot of the dedication she has to feeding her family healthy food. In her case, this was necessitated by a number of health problems that she and her children were experiencing that have been greatly improved by particular dietary changes. She gave me permission to present the cartoon here. Without taking away from her creativity, her political views, or her personal experience with food, I just want to make a quick disclaimer that the content of the cartoon should not be confused with the content of my class. The cartoon consists of 8 panels. Click “read more” below to see the whole thing…

Food System Cartoon


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