TC3 Sustainable Farming Student Perspectives – Hannah

This is the latest entry in our series of posts on the TC3 Sustainable Farming and Food Systems Program from the student perspective. TC3 Sustainable Farming students were asked to write about their first semester in the program as a class assignment, and these are the results.

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TC3 Farm Students Planting Garlic

TC3 Sustainable Farming Student Perspectives – Hannah

This semester in ENVS 115 [Introduction to Soil Science] we as students learned a variety of things. Not just academically or in field work but about ourselves, and how each one of us fits in the agriculture world in some way. On the farm, in and out of the classroom, we learned that everything is a delicate balance between too much and too little and farming is a less than a perfect science.

I came into this class with a farming background thinking I knew a lot, and was not at all surprised to discover that learning never stops and there was so much more to learn. The professors were enthusiastic and optimistic about teaching a new group of students, some with farming backgrounds, others with none. The small class made learning easier, more open and fun. The student group is small enough that we have formed close knit friendships and come to know each other well and yet big enough that we are able to accomplish sizeable tasks and get a lot a work done in the several hours a week that we meet. Perhaps best of all about the envs 115 class is that because it is so small we all have enough respect for each other to pull our own weight and often as one of us finishes our tasks we help the others with their unfinished work.

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