Planting Kohlrabi, Picking Rocks, Plant Sale, and More

Planting Kohlrabi, Picking Rocks, Plant Sale, and More – TC3 Farm Field Journal for the Week of May 9th, 2016 – Student Post by Hailey

Kohlrabi Flats
Kohlrabi Flats

T​his is the last week of classes before finals! Today we will be transplanting! This is my favorite activity because we get to physically see the changes both in the plants and the landscape. We plant thousands of little baby plants and watch as they grow and we help to nourish them when necessary. We watch them develop into mature plants and then literally get to harvest the fruits of our labor. I don’t think there is a feeling that quite matches that one.

Planting kohlrabi. Today we planted a lot of kohlrabi seedlings. We planted two varieties of kohlrabi, I don’t remember the names of the varieties but one was green and one was purple. We placed the strings that guide the rows we made and we placed the measuring tape to guide us while planting. We planted three rows per bed and two entire beds. In the two outer rows we planted the kohlrabi transplants every six inches at the six and twelve marks. We had to stagger the middle row, planting the seedlings at the three and nine inch marks. Before planting we lay out the little transplants and what is called their root ball, which is just the mass of roots and seed starting soil attached to the little plants. As we lay them out we either plant them right away or we have another person walk behind us and plant them as we lay them.

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TC3 Farm Starting Ginger, Tumeric, and Seedlings – Student Post

Starting Ginger, Tumeric, and Seedlings on the TC3 Farm – By Steve

The first in a series of Sustainable Farming and Food Systems student posts for the Spring 2016 semester

starting seedlings
Seedling Flats in the Greenhouse at the TC3 Farm

Here at TC3 Farm we have been very busy getting ready for the planting season. In the last few weeks we have started over 5,000 seeds and planted over 1200 lettuce transplants. We also have Arugula and Mustard Greens started in one of our hoop houses. We are taking a lot of our mixed greens to Coltivare Restaurant and to The Rook Restaurant, both in downtown Ithaca. We are supplying the greens to them once a week so they can incorporate fresh local food to their menu items. These greens are what we call, cut and come again crops, which means we will get three or four harvests off each plant. This year the farm also decided to plant some ginger and some tumeric. These plants start right from the root and are in our greenhouse now, germinating and getting ready to be planted when the last frost hits.

planting ginger and tumeric
Planting Ginger and Tumeric

This year the farm is also doing custom seedling sales for the home gardener that does not own a greenhouse or growing lights. They supply the organic seeds they want germinated and we start the seeds in a flat seedling tray to start transplants in the greenhouse for them to plant in their gardens when it is time. Also, we have started many seedlings for a plant sale that will be taking place at Greentree Garden Supply store located on Route 13 in Ithaca, 606 Elmira Road, in front of Ithaca Brewing Company. It is on Saturdays and the dates are May 21st, May 28th, and June 4th , from 9am-2pm. Transplant sales, tours, and workshops. There are over 45 different varieties of produce and herbs being grown on the farm this year which supplies produce for the CSA program and the produce stand out in front of main campus at TC3.

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