Week of August 21st – CSA Newsletter

The sun rising over the farm

How are we just a couple of weeks away from September? This season is rolling right by. Here we are at week 11, halfway through our CSA season.

This past week we said goodbye to our student workers through Challenge’s Summer Youth Employment Program. They were a great group who were absolute troopers. Working on a farm is challenging. Your outside in all sorts of weather, your body is in weird positions for long periods of time and you do a lot of the same tasks over and over (I’m looking at you weeding). But these young folks persevered. Always doing what was asked of them with great enthusiasm. They will surely be missed.

Last week I ran into a CSA member who has a Fall Only share. They said, “Todd, what’s up with the woodchucks this year?” I just smiled and said that they haven’t been an issue this season. For those of you who are new to the TC3 Farm CSA or those who may have forgotten about the Great Woodchuck Battle of 2016, last year’s damage due to woodchucks was one of the worst I have seen in my years of farming. This relief in pressure is most likely two-fold. First, there has been a significant amount of rain this year (have you noticed?). This means that there are plenty of lush plants that are not our vegetables for them to munch on. Secondly, and this is just a theory but it makes sense to me, is that we dispatched such a large number of those little suckers, um, I mean, beautiful little creatures, that we actually knocked back the population for the time being. There has been some damage to some of our crops that a woodchuck could be the culprit of but it also may be from a rabbit as well. Anyhow, the update for 2017 is that there is no significant damage due to woodchucks.

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Week of October 3rd – CSA Newsletter

Greetings folks,

So, what exactly happened to September? I swear it was just Labor Day. But here we are at the beginning of October. The season is moving right along as the impending cold weather seems to be approaching quickly. Even with the harvest continuing to come in, we are still progressing with getting the farm ready for the winter months. Our early cover crop of peas and oats is beautifully established.

Oats and peas cover crop in October
Oats and peas cover crop in October

I’m really looking forward to the benefits of this green manure. This past week, we continued to prepare the ground where next year’s garlic is going to be planted and got more cover crops in. This time we planted a deep-rooted tillage radish that will help to aerate the soil and add nitrogen. The hoophouse areas are ready for their winter plantings, which will happen in the next week or so. Having the hoophouses planted in the winter will allow us to continue our farm stand later in the season and have some produce to sell to Coltivare and other area restaurants.

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TC3 Farm CSA Newsletter – Week of 11/9/15

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TC3 Farm CSA Newsletter – Week of 11/2/15

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TC3 Farm CSA Newsletter – Week of 10/26/15

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